Searching for Claims

This topic explains how to search for claims by using the search criteria fields in the Search Claims window in AcuityLogic Billing.

Claims are never deleted or removed from AcuityLogic Billing.

To search for claims

  1. In AcuityLogic Billing, click Claim Management.

    The Search Claims window opens.

  2. To display all the Search Claims fields, click Show More Search Criteria.
  3. Enter your search criteria in any of the Search Claims fields.

    To show all claims in AcuityLogic Billing, leave all the fields blank.

  4. Press Enter, or click Search.

    All the claims that meet your search criteria are displayed.

    • To export the claims that meet your search criteria, click Export to Excel.
    • To update the claims status for claims in your search results, select the check box for each claim, click the available claim status button, and follow the instructions in the Change Status window that opens.

      The claims status buttons available depend on the status of the claims in your search results.

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