Release Notes

Latest AcuityLogic On-Premises Multitenant Release

AcuityLogic On-Premises Multitenant 8.22 will be available starting April 19. Please work with your account manager to schedule a time for installation. For information about release enhancements and fixed issues, see What's New in AcuityLogic 8.22 for On-Premises Multitenant Users.

Key Enhancements

  • Changes in Admin and POS to improve the In Office Finishing (IOF) Program user experience. The changes help you select the correct lab and lens combination, which helps prevent claims for IOF jobs going on hold.

  • In POS the ability to override lab validation. When you select a lab that doesn't match with the lens selection, the system prompts you to choose another lab from a drop-down list. If you are sure you've selected the correct lab, you can override the lab validation.

  • You now have the ability to select and enter a custom message to print on the patient prescription form. This message replaces the standard Contact Lens Rx Patient signature and provides you with more flexibility.

Key Fixed Issues


  • When using Check for VSP Insurance, if you enter a VSP Member ID, the system returns only the plans for the target patient; prior to this release, plans for other patients with the same VSP Member ID were shown.

  • When an insurance schedule Method = Allowance Item and the Calculation is set to Enter, if an order has two different contact lenses, the allowance applies to the first line and then, if an allowance amount remains, to the second line. Additionally, if there are two different contact lenses on an order, the Copay applies to the first and the second line based on the fee schedule.

  • When your Admin settings require a note for refunds, you are required to enter a note for all refunds, credits, and order cancellations.

  • Performance improvements to the Generate Detailed Report (PR101) reduced the time AcuityLogic takes to generate the report.