Creating a User Account

You can create new user accounts from within administration.

To create a new user account

  1. Log in to Eyefinity EHR as an administrator.
  2. Click the Create Account button within the Practice Accounts section.
  3. Enter the Last Name and First Name of the user.
  4. Enter a Username the user will log in with.
  5. Enter a Password for the user.

    You'll need to enter the same password in the Confirm Password field.

  6. Use the Role drop-down list to select the role the staff member has at your business.

    You can find more information on the different types of roles by going to Understanding User Roles.

    The doctor role is a billable role and can only be assigned by Eyefinity. To add a new doctor to your practice call Eyefinity at 800.269.3666 option 2.

  7. Optional: Select Yes for Must Reset Password Upon Next Login.

    This will force the user to create their own password the next time they log in, which is generally the best practice for maintaining security.

  8. Ensure the correct Time Zone is selected for the user.
  9. Select Optometrist on the Select All that Apply list under Specialties.
  10. Click Save.

    The new user is created. Remember, you'll need to provide the user with the username and password that you created during this process so that they can log in for the first time.