Modifying Protocol Categories

Each user can create and manage their own list of protocol categories. You can apply categories to protocols to make them easier to locate within a search.

To modify protocol categories

  1. Log in to the Eyefinity EHR web application as a doctor.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click Manage Protocols.
  4. Click Modify Categories on the action bar.

    The Modify Categories window appears. From here, you can:

    • +Add New Category. Enables you to name your new category. Click Add to create it.

    • Modify. Enables you to rename an existing category. Click Add to save your changes.
    • Delete. Deletes an existing category.

      Deleting a category will remove that tag from all existing protocols.

  5. Click Save when you're finished modifying categories.

Categories are optional, but they can help keep you organized if you have a lot of protocols. Some example categories you could create are exam set, refractive disorder, diabetic, and postop. Ultimately, you should look at the protocols you have and try to determine the organizational structure that works best for you.