Transferring From Another ePrescribing Vendor

If a provider is registered with another ePrespribing vendor, like DrFirst, you may receive an error indicating the SPI number is already used. This error occurs because a provider can be registered with only one vendor for refills.

To transfer the provider’s ePrescribing record to Eyefinity EHR:

  1. Deselect the Rx Refill check box.
  2. Click Register with Surescripts.
  3. The user is able to begin ePrescribing, but will not be able to receive refill requests yet.
  4. To request an update the provider record, send an email to Include the following information in the email:
    • Practice name
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • Provider name
    • NPI
    • DEA

    Eyefinity will notify Surescripts of the change. The provider will begin receiving refill requests in 7–14 days.