Navigating the Home Screen on the iPad

The Eyefinity EHR app uses a series of tabs and toolbars to help you easily find patients, take patient history, and create visit notes.

The Eyefinity EHR app opens to the Home Screen, which is streamlined to give you quick access to the most essential tasks.

  • To view a patient’s chart, enter a few letters of a patient’s name in the Patient Search bar, and autosearch begins displaying results.
  • Tap the icons in the Action Bar to perform a particular task.
  • Tap Agenda to view your schedule of patients for the day.
  • Tap Office Flow to view the location of patients within your practice. You'll need to set this feature up within administration.
  • You can tap links (shown in blue) to navigate to different parts of the Eyefinity EHR app.
  • Tapping on a patient’s photo takes you to that patient’s chart.
  • Use the Quick Views and Filters links to customize your home screen. For example, you can display all patients with scheduled exams today with you.