Navigating the Visit Overview

You can use the Visit Overview to navigate to any section of the visit and track its overall progress. To view the Visit Overview screen, open an existing visit or create a new visit.

The Visit Overview is separated into several sections, enabling you to see what's been recorded at a glance. The sections for CC/HPI | ROS, Vision Summary, Exam, and Impressions and Plans have progress indicators that change from orange to green as each section is documented.

You can also use the Action Bar at the top of the screen to quickly navigate to different sections of the visit, preview visit documents, manage attachments, finalize visits, and more. For more information on the Action Bar, watch this video tutorial.

Clicking the Integrations tab above the Action Bar enables you to Send Glasses & Contact Lens Rx's to the practice management side of the platform as well as Send Charges. This is also where you can pull in data from integrated devices at your practice using the Equipment Interface button. For more information on the Integrations tab, watch this video tutorial.

You can also do the following from the Visit Overview:

  • Review and edit the patient's history using the Patient Clipboard section. For more information on using the Patient Clipboard, see Taking the Patient History.
  • View all glasses and contacts prescriptions for the patient under the Active Optical Rx section.
  • Review and override billing codes using the Billing section. For more information on coding, see Coding and Finalizing.
  • View changes over time in the patient's visual acuity, IOP, central retinal thickness, and more using the Patient Eye Charts.
  • Track the patient's vitals and test results using the Vitals and Tests and Results sections.
  • View any active therapeutic Rx's written for the patient during the visit using the Rx section.
  • Keep track of any attachments for the visit under the Attachments section.