Customizing Patient History Questions

You can customize which past medical, surgical, and social history questions are presented to clinical staff within the Clipboard and to patients within the portal and kiosk. You can hide sections of the social history that are not applicable to your scope of practice. Customizations made to the patient Clipboard apply to all clinical staff and patients within your practice.

For clinical staff, you can choose which past medical and ocular conditions and surgeries appear by default within the patient's Clipboard. This reduces the amount of questions the provider or tech must scroll through during the patient history. However, clinical staff can search for and add conditions and surgeries to an individual patient's Clipboard as needed to complete the patient's history. Any questions previously answered on the patient Clipboard will still remain visible no matter which conditions and surgeries are hidden.

The conditions and surgeries you chose to display to clinical staff are also displayed to patients within the patient portal. However, you can choose from a selection of colloquial terms, so that patients are not presented with unfamiliar medical terminology.

For any conditions or surgeries you choose to display to clinical staff and patients, you can choose whether new and/or established patients are presented with these questions in the kiosk.