Managing Review of Systems Questions in Kiosk

This topic explains how to enable Review of Systems (ROS) in Kiosk as well as how to customize the questions patients see. The topic includes

To learn how to customize past medical, ocular, and social history questions, go to Customizing Patient History Questions.

Setting Up Review of Systems in Kiosk

  1. Log into the Eyefinity EHR web application as an administrator.
  2. Expand the ROS Settings section and click Manage ROS.
  3. Select the New Patients check box.

    ROS questions appear only to new patients who have never had an exam at your practice in Eyefinity EHR.

  4. Select one of the following check boxes:
    • All Questions: The patient will be presented with all ROS questions.
    • Mark Custom Reviewed: The patient will be presented with only the questions you have selected. For information on marking custom questions, see Customizing Review of Systems Questions.
  5. Click Apply.

Customizing Review of Systems Questions

  1. Make sure you’ve enabled Review of Systems for New Patients in Kiosk and selected the Mark Custom Reviewed check box. For more information on enabling Review of Systems in Kiosk, go to Setting Up Review of Systems in Kiosk.
  2. Under the New Patients column, select the check boxes for questions you want to appear in the Review of Systems section of the Kiosk app.

    The New Patients column applies only to Kiosk.

  3. Click Save.