Applying Protocols on the iPad

Once you've created protocols, you can begin applying them while in the Ocular Exam Room. Protocols are created using the Eyefinity EHR web application. For more information on creating protocols, see Working With Protocols.

To apply a protocol on the iPad

  1. Open a patient's visit.
  2. Navigate to the Ocular Exam Room by tapping Exam on the action bar.
  3. Tap More on the action bar.
  4. Tap Protocols on the drop-down menu.

    A list of your protocols appears. You can use the search bar to locate protocols and toggle the Include shared button to access protocols your colleagues have created.

  5. Tap the toggle button for the protocol(s) you want to apply.
  6. Tap Save.

    The protocols are applied to the visit. To verify the documentation, you can tap Quick Impression Edit and review everything that has been recorded.

    You can add, resume, or delete any diagnoses or plans. You are not locked into any documentation that was applied by the protocol(s).