ePrescribing a Medical Prescription on the iPad

To ePrescribe from the Visit Overview screen

  1. Access the Visit Overview screen.
  2. Tap More.
  3. Tap Rx.

    You can also ePrescribe from the Home screen or patient chart by tapping Rx in the Action Bar.

    The Rx screen shows a list of prescriptions previously written for the patient.

  4. Select the prescriptions you want to send by tapping the circle to the left of the prescription.

  5. Tap ePrescribe at the top of the screen.
    • You can send prescriptions for an individual patient only. You cannot send prescriptions for multiple patients.
    • If you add/change a pharmacy for the patient, the pharmacy saves to the patient’s chart.
    • If you want to write and send a new prescription, tap Add Rx and search for the medication. The medication is added to the queue.
    • If you can print from your iPad to an AirPrint printer, tap Print to print the prescription.

    The preferred pharmacies for the selected patient appear.

  6. Select the appropriate pharmacy.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Send Prescriptions.

For web application instructions, go to Prescribing Medications Electronically in the Browser.