Setting Up On-The-Fly Benefit Calculations for Exams

The on-the-fly calculations feature automatically performs and displays VSP benefit estimates in real time as you create orders. Use this procedure to include exam calculations as part of this feature.

  1. In Company: Setup, click Preferences in the blue menu bar and select Material Orders.
  2. Click Invoicing.
  3. Under On-the-Fly Calculations, select one or both of the following check boxes:
    • Select Perform on-the-fly calculations for exam orders to have the system automatically perform on-the-fly calculations for exam-only orders.

    • Select Include exams in the on-the-fly calculations for material orders to have the system automatically include any exam charges in on-the-fly calculations for eyeglass and contact lens orders.

      We recommend you do not select this setting if your practice prefers to process exam and material orders and transactions separately.
  4. Click Save.

Disabling On-The-Fly Benefit Calculations for Exams

To stop including exams in on-the-fly benefit calculations in Material Orders, follow the instructions above and deselect the check boxes in step 3.