Adjusting Claims

You can adjust all or part of the outstanding receivable on a claim. This indicates that you will not be receiving that payment amount from the carrier or patient.

To adjust all or part of the outstanding receivable on a claim:

  1. Open the Claim Detail window for a claim.

    For more information, go to Viewing and Editing Claim Detail.

  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To adjust the total outstanding receivable for the entire claim, click Adjustment. You can adjust an entire claim only when the claim has the status Overpaid.
    • To adjust the outstanding receivable for a line item on the claim, select Adjustment from the Action drop-down list in the row of the line item you want to adjust.

  3. In the Amount text box, enter the amount of the adjustment.

    If you are adjusting the entire claim, you cannot change the amount, as it defaults to the total balance of the outstanding receivables on the claim.

  4. From the Adjustment Type drop-down list, select an adjustment type.
  5. Click Post Transaction.

    The outstanding receivable is adjusted. If you adjusted the entire claim, the claim and all line items on the claim (except those that were marked as NonReceivable) have the status Fully Paid.