Putting Claims on Hold

Eyefinity Practice Management automatically places claims on hold when you select Edit Claim.

You can also place a claim on hold manually. When you change a claim’s status to On Hold:

  • All outstanding receivables appear as $0.00. To view the outstanding receivables, change the claim status.
  • You can change the claim status to Ready to Bill and Ready to Bill Patient.

Only claims with at least one line item in one of the following statuses can be changed using the On Hold button:

  • Billed
  • Billed to Patient
  • Ready to Bill
  • Ready to Bill Patient

If a claim is part of a remittance, it will not be put on hold.

To put an individual claim on hold:

  1. Open the Claim Detail window for a claim.

    For more information, go to Viewing and Editing Claim Detail.

  2. Click On Hold.

    The claim and all line items on the claim have the status On Hold.

To put multiple claims on hold at the same time:

  1. Search for the claims you want to change to On Hold status.
  2. Locate the claims in the list and select the check box next to each claim to change, or select the check box in the header row to select all claims displayed. If your search returns more than one page of claims, set the status for claims on each page to billed before navigating to a different page.
  3. Click On Hold.

    The status of the selected claims is changed to On Hold.