Viewing and Editing Claim Detail

The Claim Detail window provides details about a specific claim, including information about the patient, order, insurance plan, line items, and claim history. You can review and modify the claim in this window.

  1. Search for a claim you want to view or edit.

    For more information, go to Searching for Claims.

  2. Click the hyperlink for the claim in the Claim # column.
  3. In the Claim Detail window, click the link for the Plan to view the patient’s insurance plan benefit details.
  4. To perform one of the following actions, select an option from the Actions drop-down list.
    • Print lab orders and receipts
    • Add or view notes
    • View patient documents
    • Copy the claim
  5. Under Line Items, select an option from the Action drop-down list in the row of the line item you want to modify.
  6. To view the previous or the next claim, click Previous Claim or Next Claim. Click Back to List to return to the list of claims.