Adding Insurance Relationships

Use a patient's Insurance:Relationships screen to search for and add their dependents.

  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, under Insurance, click Relationships.
  2. In the Relationships window, click Assign Dependent.
    A dependent can be assigned to a single subscriber only. When you assign a dependent, any subscriber relationship previously defined for the dependent is deleted.

    The Add Dependent search window opens.

  3. Enter the dependent's information in the search fields.
  4. To include inactive patients in the search results, select Show Inactive.
  5. To include responsible parties that are not patients, select Show Responsible Party.
  6. Click Search.

    The list updates to display the search results.

  7. Select the dependent from the list or, if no match is found, click + Dependent to add a new dependent as a patient in your system,

    The Add Dependent information window opens.

  8. Under Copy From Patient?, select the check boxes to copy information from the patient profile to the dependent.
    If you copy contact and insurance information to the dependent but you later modify the patient’s information, the modified information is not updated to the dependent’s profile. You must manually change the dependent’s information.
  9. Record or edit the dependent’s Name and Address, if necessary.
  10. Record or edit the dependent's address information, if necessary.
  11. Record the dependent’s MRN (medical record number).
  12. Select a Provider.
  13. Record the dependent’s Date of Birth.
  14. Select the patient's Birth Sex.
    For new dependents, Gender is automatically selected if you select a gendered title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) at the Name field. Selecting the title Dr does not affect the Gender field. Changing the title for an existing dependent also does not affect the Gender field.
  15. Select whether to use the dependent’s full SSN (social security number) or the last four digits only, and record the number in the text box.
  16. If you are copying insurance information to the dependent, select their Relationship to Subscriber.
    The Relationship to Subscriber drop-down list displays only when the Insurance check box is selected.
  17. Click Save.

    The dependent is added to the current patient's profile, and the current patient is added as the responsible party in the dependent’s profile. A new patient profile is created If you added a dependent who was not already in your system.