Adding Lenses for In-Office Finishing (IOF)

When you add lenses to an eyeglass order, you can select to perform the lens finishing in your office.

Before you can begin creating eyeglass orders for in-office finishing, go to Eyeglass Lens Setup in Administration and make sure you have the IOF lab and the following IOF lens styles set up and activated:
* Vsp Iof Asph Sv
* Vsp Iof Sv
  1. On the Choose Lenses page, select the Lens Type.
  2. Select the lens Material.
  3. Select the In Office check box next to Finishing.
  4. Select a Style.

    The styles are filtered to show only those available for in-office finishing.

  5. Record the rest of the lens information and click Add to Order.

    For VSP orders, the system automatically sets IOF Program as the lab. For Non-VSP orders, the system sets the lab to On Site.

  6. Add any extras, and then click Continue to Summary to complete the order as you normally would.