Adding Modifier Codes and Dispensing Fees to Orders

You can add a dispensing fee and line item modifiers when you create a contact lens or eyeglass order. The modifiers are automatically added to Box 24d and are transmitted with claims submitted electronically. This information can also be added once the claim is created in Edit Claim.

For information on setting up dispensing fees in Administration, see Setting Up Miscellaneous Fees.

  1. In the Material Orders Pricing screen, click the Add/Review link.
    If you do not see the Add/Review link, check that the carrier name is listed next to Primary Insurance. If not, click the Add link to select the carrier.
  2. The Add Modifiers and Dispensing Fee window opens.

  3. Select up to four Modifier Codes for each item.
  4. Select the Dispensing Fee.
  5. Enter an amount for the dispensing fee, if necessary.
  6. Select up to four Modifier Codes for the dispensing fee.
  7. Select whether to Save price for future orders.

    If you do not select this check box, your changes will apply only to the current order.

  8. Click Save.