Adding Non-VSP Formulary Lenses to an Order

For eLab orders, you can include lenses that are not in the VSP formulary or in the Eyefinity Practice Management lens catalog by manually entering the lens information. This information is electronically transmitted to the lab as Special Lab Instructions and prints on the patient invoice. Lenses added to orders using this method are not saved to the system, and the information must be re-entered for future orders.

The lens price you enter on the Choose Lenses page is not automatically added to the claim. After invoicing the order, you need to edit the claim to record the price before billing insurance.
  1. Start an eyeglass order, selecting the insurance, prescription, and frame. For more information, go to Creating a Complete Eyeglass Order.
  2. Click Add Lenses.
  3. On the Choose Lenses page, select the lens Type.
  4. Select the lens Material.
  5. For the Style, select Other Non VSP Lens. This is the non-formulary lens style.
  6. Enter a Description for the lens (up to 24 characters).
  7. Enter the lens Price.
  8. Record the rest of the lens information and complete the eyeglass order to pricing as you normally would.

    The lens Description and Price you entered appear on the order Summary page.

  9. Price the order and generate the invoice.

    The invoice displays the lens Description and Price.

  10. If you are billing insurance, go to Claims Management and edit the claim to add the lens price before submitting.