Calculating Sales Tax for Transactions Manually

You may be required to calculate the total sales tax for transactions manually if tax rates have not been set up or the Tax Calculator is unavailable.

Only providers and staff members with the Edit Sales Tax security permission selected in Administration can calculate sales tax manually. If you do not have this security permission, an Access Denied - Temporary Override window displays, allowing another user with permission to enter their username and password and give you temporary access. For information on setting security permissions, see Setting Up Provider Security Settings and Setting Up Staff Security Settings
  1. In Eyefinity Practice Management Front Office, search for a patient and click Material Orders.
  2. Open the Pricing window using one of the following methods:
    • Create an order and click Complete Order to Pricing.
    • Select Price from the Actions drop-down menu next to an order.
      If the Tax Calculator is unavailable, Eyefinity Practice Management displays a message when you open the Pricing window. Review the message and click OK to enter tax rates manually.
  3. Click the tax amount hyperlink in the Tax column for an item in the order.

    The Update Tax Rate Breakdown window opens.

  4. Type the total tax rate in the Tax Rate % text box for the item.
    The total tax rate is the sum of the tax rates for all tax authorities. For example, enter a total tax rate of 8% if the tax rates for the tax authorities are 6.5% and 1.5%.
  5. Select one of the following options in the Tax Calculation drop-down menu, if needed:
    • Select Apply Tax To Net Price to calculate tax for the item based on the net price after discounts. This is the default option selected.
    • Select Apply Tax To Retail Price to calculate tax for the item based on the retail price.
    • Select Remove Tax to not charge tax for the item.
  6. Click Update Tax.
  7. Repeat steps 3 - 6 for each item in the order.