Creating Orders for Patients with Temporary Access to the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan

This topic explains how to process orders for insured VSP patients who have been given temporary access to the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan for medical eye care services. For a complete list of covered services, in-network providers can refer to the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan page in the Provider Reference Manual on VSP Online (network provider login required).

For patients who have a VSP plan that already includes the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan, complete the order as you normally would. See Creating and Modifying Orders.
  1. Call VSP Customer Care at 800.615.1883 to obtain an authorization for the temporary medical eye care services.
  2. Open the patient's Demographics screen in Eyefinity Practice Management and add the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan to the patient's insurances. For instructions, see Adding VSP Insurance Information
  3. Add the authorization for the VSP Primary EyeCare Plan. Enter the authorization number you received from VSP Customer Care in the Retrieve Existing Authorization field. For instructions, see Adding Eligibilities and Authorizations for VSP Plans
    If necessary, you can also click Override in the Eligibility/Authorization window to enter the authorization information manually.
  4. Create the order. For instructions, see Creating and Modifying Orders.
  5. Price the order and add VSP Primary EyeCare Plan as the insurance. In the VSP Calculation window, click Override and enter $20.00 for the patient copay if a medical exam is included on the order. For more instructions, see Pricing and Adding Insurance to Orders.
  6. Invoice the order. See Creating an Invoice for an Order.

The order is complete. You can now collect the patient's $20.00 copayment if a medical exam was performed.