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Creating a Complete Eyeglass Order

  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Material Orders and then click + Eyeglass Order.
    • Click Eyeglass Order.
    If these options are unavailable, go to Administration and check the status of your Frames Data subscription integration.
  2. Choose an insurance plan. Only those plans with valid frame and lens authorizations appear. Green icons next to Frame and Lens indicate that the patient has valid authorizations.
    • For VSP insurance, locate the plan and click + VSP Order.
    • For non-VSP insurance, locate the plan, select the Lab Submission method, and then click + {Insurance Name} Order.
    • To create the order without insurance, locate Non-Insurance/Private Pay, select the Lab Submission method, and then click + Non-Insurance Order.
  3. Electronic lab submission means that the system will transmit the order directly to the lab upon invoicing. Manual lab submission means you will be processing the lab order outside the system, To prevent duplicate orders, select Manual for insurance plans that require you to submit orders on their websites, such as EyeMed or Medicaid.
  4. Click Complete Eyeglass.
  5. Click a prescription in the Choose Rx list.
    • To convert a multi-focal prescription to a single-vision prescription, click the Convert Rx link.
    • To print the prescription before selecting it, click the Print icon.

    The Build Order screen opens. The prescription information appears in the Rx panel on the right side of the screen.

  6. Click Add Frame and follow the steps in Adding a Frame to an Order.

    As you add items to the order, the Estimated Charges area changes to show the estimated insurance and patient charges.

    • For VSP orders, click Update VSP Estimates to perform a VSP patient out-of-pocket calculation.
    • For non-VSP orders, the charges shown are the retail prices. Make calculations from the pricing screen when you complete the order.
    • For all orders, click the See detailed breakdown link to view the charges for each item.
  7. Click Add Lenses and follow the steps in Adding Lenses to an Order.
  8. To add additional features, instructions, or fees to the eyeglasses:
    1. Click Add Extras.
    2. Select all the extras you want to add.
    3. Click Add to Order.

      For VSP orders, only VSP-eligible extras are available.

  9. Click Add Lab and select a lab.

    Labs that are available to select are determined by whether the order is a VSP or non-VSP order.

    To ensure that only VSP-eligible labs can be selected for VSP orders, and to prevent claims from being placed on hold, be sure your labs are set up properly in Administration. For more information, go to Setting Up Labs.

    For non-VSP orders, only labs with the eLab logo are sent electronically. You must submit orders to the other labs manually.

    If you selected the Finishing - In Office check box when adding lenses, the system automatically sets IOF Program as the lab for VSP orders and On Site as the lab for non-VSP orders.

    The Build Order screen displays green check marks to indicate that all parts of the order have been added and the Estimated Charges area shows the total estimated charges for the entire order.

  10. Click Continue to Summary.
  11. Under Shipping Information, select the Ship To location and Address.
  12. Under Order Information, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the Resource.
    2. Select the Dispensing Status.
    3. To record dispensing notes, click the Add Dispensing Notes link.
  13. Review the remaining lab, frame, Rx, lens, and pricing information for the order and click Change to edit, if necessary.
  14. To print the order summary, click Print Summary.
  15. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Save Draft to save the order without completing it and return to the Material Orders window. The order appears in the Draft Orders list.
      When an order is in Draft, any authorizations associated with it remain available for use on other orders.
    • Click Continue to Pricing to open the order in the Order Pricing window. For more information on pricing orders, go to Pricing and Adding Insurance to Orders.

Adding a Frame to an Order

  1. Enter the manufacturer, collection, model number, color, eye size, and/or UPC for the frame you want to locate.
    Entering more frame information provides more precise results.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select a frame from the list.

    If the frame you need is not listed, click + Custom Frame to create it. For more information, go to Setting Up Custom Frames.

  4. Review the frame information to ensure that the correct frame is selected. Edit the Frame Measurements, if necessary.
  5. Select the Frame Source.
  6. Click Add to Order.

    The frame is added to the order.

    If the frame is unpriced, the Frame Price window opens, prompting you record a Retail Price.

Adding Lenses to an Order

If you need to set up the right and left lenses differently or order a single lens:

  1. Click Customize Individual Lenses.

  2. Select the Lens Type.
    Only lens types appropriate for the Rx type (single vision, multi-focal, etc.) are listed.
  3. Select the lens Material.

    If this is a VSP order, only those materials covered by VSP appear in the drop-down list.

  4. Select the Finishing - In Office check box, if appropriate. For more information go to Adding Lenses for In-Office Finishing (IOF) with VSP.
  5. Select a Style.

    If the style you want is not listed, perform the following steps:

    1. Click the Add Additional Styles link.
    2. Select a Lens Description. If the lens you need is not in the Lens Description drop-down list and you will be using eLab for the order, go to Creating a Complete Eyeglass Order.
    3. Record a Retail Price for each lens attribute listed.
      Styles are priced per lens.
    4. Click Save.
  6. Select a Color.

    If this is a VSP order, only colors that are covered by VSP appear in the drop-down list.

  7. Select a Coating.

    Only coatings for eyeglass lenses with pre-manufactured coatings are listed. You can add additional coatings in step 12.

    If this is a VSP order, only those coatings that are covered by VSP appear in the drop-down list.

  8. Select whether the lens should be Uncut.
  9. If you are setting up right and left lenses differently, select whether each lens is Slab-Off and Balanced.
  10. Record the Pupillary Distance measurements for each eye in the Distant text boxes.

    The Near pupillary distance is automatically calculated based on your entry.

  11. Record the lens Measurements.
  12. Select any Lens Treatments.

    You can select coatings to include in addition to the manufacturer’s coating. To add more than two coatings, click + Add More Coatings.

    If this is a VSP order, only those treatments that are covered by VSP appear in the drop-down lists.

  13. Click Add to Order.