Creating a Contact Lens Order

  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Material Orders and then click + Contact Lens Order.
    • Click Contact Lens Order.

      If these options are unavailable, check Daily Closing to see if your office has multiple days open. For more information, see Daily Closing.

  2. Choose a contact lens authorization, or click + Non-Insurance Order to proceed without using insurance.

    A green icon next to Contact indicates that the patient has a valid contact lens authorization.

    • A message displays if a plan's authorization is missing required information. Click the Update Info link in the message to go to the Eligibility/Authorization screen and edit the authorization to add the missing information.
  3. Click a prescription in the Choose an Rx list.

    The prescription information panel opens.

  4. Enter the Quantity of each lens that you want to order. This field defaults as follows:
    • If the provider specified a quantity on the prescription (including prescriptions imported from Eyefinity EHR), that quantity is displayed.
    • If no quantity was specified on the prescription, the field defaults to the year's supply quantity recommended by the manufacturer.
    • If no quantity was specified on the prescription and no year's supply has been set for the lens, the field defaults to 1.

    You can change the quantity, as necessary. The Estimated Charges information on the right side of the screen changes to show the estimated insurance and patient charges.

  5. If the order is a VSP order, you can click Update VSP Estimates to perform a VSP patient out-of-pocket calculation.
  6. To print the prescription, click Print Rx.
  7. Click + Add to Order.
  8. Under Order Information, perform the following steps:
    1. Select the necessary Parts to Supply check boxes to indicate which items are to be supplied.
    2. Select the supply source from the Supplied By drop-down list.

      If you are ordering private label contact lenses from ABB, you must select Contact Lens Supplier (Manual) and then go to the ABB website to place your order. Private label contact lenses cannot be ordered from ABB automatically through the integration.

    3. Click the link to Add Instructions, if necessary.
    4. Select the Dispensing Status.
    5. Click the link to Add Dispensing Notes, if necessary.
  9. Under Shipping Information, select the Ship To location and Address.

    If you select This Office for the Ship To location, the following Stock Order Types are used in Inventory, based on the selection you made in the Supplied By drop-down list:

    • If you selected Supplied By Contact Lens Supplier (Auto), the Stock Order Type is set to Patient Order (Auto).
    • If you selected Supplied By Contact Lens Supplier (Manual), the Stock Order Type is set to Replenish (Manual).
    • If you selected Supplied By Inventory, the Stock Order Type is set to Replenish (Auto).
  10. Review the remaining lens and pricing information for the order, and click Change to edit, if necessary.
  11. To print the order summary, click Print Summary.
  12. Perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Save For Later to save the order without completing it and return to the Orders window.

      The order appears in the Draft Orders list.

      When an order is in Draft, any authorizations associated with it remain available for use on other orders.
    • Click Continue to Pricing to open the order in the Order Pricing window.

      For more information on pricing orders, go to Pricing and Adding Insurance to Orders.