Creating an Extras Only Order

Create an extras only order to record charges to patients for your office records only. You cannot apply insurance to extras only orders, and you cannot send them to labs electronically.

  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Material Orders and then click + Eyeglass Order.
    • Click Eyeglass Order.
    If these options are unavailable, go to Administration and check the status of your Frames Data subscription integration.
  2. Locate Non-Insurance/Private Pay, select the Lab Submission method, and then click + Non-Insurance Order.

    • Electronic lab submission means that the system will transmit the order directly to the lab upon invoicing. Manual lab submission means you will be processing the lab order outside the system, To prevent duplicate orders, select Manual for insurance plans that require you to submit orders on their websites, such as EyeMed or Medicaid.
  3. Click Extras Only.
  4. To add a frame that the patient is providing:
    1. Click Add Patient’s Supplied Frame.
    2. Record the Name and Color of the frame.
    3. Record the frame measurements.
    4. Select the Edge Type.
    5. Select the Frame Source.

      If you will not be shipping a frame to the lab, select Lenses Only.

    6. Select whether the frame is a Safety Frame.
    7. Record any Custom Frame Measurements, if necessary.
    8. Click Add to Order.
  5. To add lens treatments:
    1. Click Add Lens Treatments.
    2. If you want to add a lens tint, select the Tint Type and Tint Color.
    3. Record a Tint Comment, if necessary.
    4. Select an Edge.
    5. Select Additional Coatings.

      To add more than two coatings, click + Add More Coatings.

    6. Click Add to Order.
  6. To add extras:
    1. Click Add Extras.
    2. Select all of the extras you want to add.
    3. Click Add to Order.
  7. To add a lab, click Add Lab, and click the lab you want to add.

    The Build Order screen displays green check marks to indicate that all parts of the order have been added and the Estimated Charges area shows the total estimated charges for the entire order.

  8. To complete the order, go to step 9 of Creating a Complete Eyeglass Order.