Looking Up Frames

This section describes how to look up frames. Topics include:

Using the Frame Lookup

  1. Click Inventory and select Product Inventory.
  2. Click the Frame Lookup tab.

    If you know the UPC Code and/or Item Number you want to locate, enter it and click Search.

    If you do not know the UPC or item number, or if you want a more refined search, go to Using the Stock Item Search.

    The following inventory information for the frame appears under Inventory Balance:

    • On Hand. The actual inventory count at the location.
    • On Order. The number of inventory items on order from vendors.
    • In Transit. All inventory items in transit from one location to another that are not for specific patient orders.
    • WIP (work in progress). All inventory items currently at the location that have been placed into production for an existing order (that is, products waiting for customer pickup).
    • WIP In Transit (work in progress in transit). All inventory items in transit from one location to another location for specific patient orders.
    • Committed. All sold, but not yet dispensed, inventory items. All WIP and WIP In Transit items are included in Committed quantities.
  3. Select a frame and click Recalculate, or click Recalculate All to recalculate the WIP, WIP In Transit, and Committed totals.

Using the Stock Item Search

To refine your frame search, use the Stock Item Search:

  1. On the Inventory Frame Lookup tab, click the Lookup link.
  2. Enter the manufacturer, collection, model number, color, eye size, and/or UPC for the frame you want to locate.

    Entering more frame information provides more precise results.

  3. Click Search.
  4. Select a frame from the list.
  5. If the frame has not already been priced for your practice, in the Frame Price window, record a Retail Price for the frame, and click Save.

    The details for the selected frame appear on the Frame Lookup tab.