Ordering Eyeglasses with VSP Medicaid

VSP Medicaid requires you to add modifier codes and dispensing fees to your order.

Before you can begin creating eyeglass orders for VSP Medicaid, you must go to Administration and make sure you have the required labs set up and activated for each office. For a list of contracted labs, see the VSP Online Medicaid Provider Reference Manual.

You also need to set up and price the following dispensing fees in Other Items Setup for each office:

* Sv Dispensing Fee
* Bf Dispensing Fee
* MF Dispensing Fee

Click here to watch the video.

To order eyeglasses with VSP Medicaid:

  1. Create the eyeglass order, and select a Medicaid contracted lab.
  2. In the Pricing screen, add VSP Medicaid as the Primary Insurance.
  3. Click Calculate Benefits.
  4. Click Override, if necessary, to edit the amounts.
  5. Enter the Patient Responsibility and Patient Copay.
  6. Enter the Insurance Reimbursement amount.
  7. If you leave the Insurance Reimbursement amount at $0.00, the claim will be marked Non-Receivable.

  8. Click Save.
  9. Click the Add/Review link.

    The Add Modifiers and Dispensing Fee window opens.

  10. Select up to four Modifier Codes for each item.
  11. Select the Dispensing Fee.
  12. Enter an amount for the dispensing fee, if necessary.
  13. Select up to four Modifier Codes for the dispensing fee.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Complete the order as you normally would.