Processing Transactions Using Worldpay

This topic explains how to use Worldpay for online credit card processing with Eyefinity Practice Management. You can quickly and easily process credit card payments, returns, voids, price adjustments, and customer credit refunds with Worldpay. For information on signing up for the Worldpay integration, visit

Worldpay requires one of the following terminal devices to capture credit card data:

  • Ingenico iSMP4 (wireless)
  • Ingenico iPP 320 (wired)

The devices provided by Worldpay are secure card readers that accept payments from EMV-enabled chip credit cards, magnetic strip credit cards, or NFC/contactless cards or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. You must set up and configure the devices before you can use them with Eyefinity Practice Management to process credit card transactions. For information on setting up and configuring a device, refer to the documentation provided with the device.

Before you can use Worldpay for online credit card processing, you must activate the integration in Administration. For instructions, see Activating the Worldpay Integration

You can also watch our video tutorials.