Processing a Return or Voiding a Transaction with Total Merchant Services

You can use the Ingenico iCT220 Terminal to void a transaction or process a return in Eyefinity Practice Management.

After you set up TMS and the Ingenico iCT220 Terminal, you can no longer process a return for a purchase made using a previous credit card processing system.
  1. Verify that the Ingenico iCT220 Terminal is ready.
  2. From the Eyefinity Practice Management Material Orders window, click Actions for the order that you want to void or return and select Void or Return.
    The Void option is available only for transactions completed on the current day.
  3. If this is a return, click Full Return in the Sale Detail section and click Save. If you are voiding a transaction, go to step 4.
    Click Full Return w/out Exam to return all items without refunding the exam fees or click the Return hyperlink to return individual items.
  4. In the Confirm window, select a reason for the void or return and click Refund.
  5. Click Edit in the Payment Refund section for the Credit Card payment type.

    The Refund Payment window opens.

  6. Click OK on the Refund Payment window.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click OK on the dialog window that opens in Eyefinity Practice Management.
  9. Follow the prompts on the Ingenico iCT220 Terminal to void the transaction or complete the return and print a receipt, if needed.

    The void or return report from Eyefinity Practice Management opens in a new browser window.