Recording Physical Counts Using the Physical Inventory Worksheet

  1. Locate the physical count (Physical ID) you want to record.
  2. Click Load to begin the physical count session.
  3. Click Freeze to freeze the inventory items.

    This prevents changes to inventory amounts while you are counting your inventory.

  4. Click the blue arrow next to a physical count to open the details panel.
  5.  To record the count for each item:
    1. Click Add Details to add frames to the physical inventory record.
    2. Click Count.

    3. Enter the Count (quantity) to add or change the counts on the frames added.
    4. To print the Physical Inventory Worksheet, click Print.
    5. Click Save All.

      The counts are saved.

  6. When you have finished recording all counts, click Post.
  7. To view the Inventory Physical Log, click Log.

    This log lists the dates and staff members responsible for opening, freezing, and posting the counts.

  8. To print the Inventory Physical Reconciliation Report, click Print.
  9. To print a blank Physical Inventory Worksheet, click Extra Sheet.