Remaking Eyeglass Orders

When you remake an eyeglass order, the original order is completely returned and an identical new one is created.

  • For orders with changes to the original product or pricing, the amount the patient paid on the original order is credited to the patient and you can apply the credit when invoicing. The system will generate a new claim in addition to the original claim for the original order. If you do not want to submit the second claim, you can void it.
  • For orders without changes to the amount covered by insurance, the system automatically applies the patient credit but does not create a new claim.
  • The order type cannot be changed when remaking an order. For example, a lens only order cannot be remade as a complete eyeglass order. (You would need to return the entire lens only order and start a new complete eyeglass order.)
  • The insurance used on the original order is automatically applied to the remake order. You can only apply secondary insurance to a remake if the original order used secondary insurance. VSP coordination of benefits also only occurs if it was present on the original order.
  • Remake orders are not automatically sent to VSP labs. You must call the lab to initiate the remake.
  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, click Material Orders.
  2. Locate the order in the Invoiced Orders grid, and select Remake from the Actions drop-down list.

  3. In the Confirm Remake Order window:
    1. Select the reason for the remake.
    2. Select the check box for each item that needs to be remade.
    3. Click Remake Order.

    The Order Summary screen for the remake order opens. The remake reason you selected appears under Order Information.

  4. Review the order and click Change in each section to make changes as appropriate.

    For more information on editing frame and lens information, go to Adding a Frame to an Order and Adding Lenses to an Order.

  5. Click Continue to Pricing.
  6. If the remake does not include any changes to product, the Remake Pricing window opens. Select from the following two options:

    • To change the order pricing, click Go To Pricing and proceed to step 6.
    • To remake the order without additional charges to the patient or changes to the original claim, click Finalize Order and proceed to step 10.
  7. Record the pricing for the order and reapply the insurance. To view the pricing summary for the original order, click Original Order Pricing.

  8. For more information on pricing orders, go to Pricing and Adding Insurance to Orders.

  9. Click Save and Invoice.
  10. Apply the customer credit and any additional payments.

  11. Click Save.

  12. The Process Order window opens. Select how to proceed with the order:

    • If you want to review the order before submitting, click Put On Hold. The order is saved with the Lab on Hold status. To transmit the order to the lab, select Release to Lab from the Actions drop-down list.
    • If you want to complete the order, click Process Order Now. If the remake includes changes to the product or pricing, a new lab order and claim are generated immediately and the invoice opens in a new window. If there were no changes, the confirmation window opens.

    The remake order appears in the Invoiced Orders grid with the original order listed in the Remake column. The original order now has the Remade order status, and the order Ledger shows the reversed patient payments.