Using Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications

The Eyefinity Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications require an additional fee and setup by Eyefinity. For information on how to get started, go to

The system automatically sends text notifications to patients who have eyewear orders that are ready to be picked up. Every hour, the system checks for orders that are in Received status in Eyefinity Practice Management and sends the notifications. Once the notifications are sent, the status of each order is changed to Notified. Notifications for orders set to Received after 5:00 pm will be sent the following day at 8:00 am.

Your practice receives a daily results report via email of notifications sent over the previous 24 hours.

Before using Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications, you need to set up providers in Eyefinity Practice Management to enable online scheduling. For more information, see Setting Up Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications.

For the purpose of eyewear ready notifications, the term “eyewear” includes eyeglasses, sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses.

This section contains the following topics:

Message Content for Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications

The patient receives a text message. The patient can text STOP to not receive any more texts from your Eyefinity Practice Management Notifications. To restart notification texts once they have been stopped, the patient must send another reply text that says UNSTOP. Instructions are available on the results report.

Daily Results Report for Electronic Eyewear Ready Notifications

Your office receives a daily results report in an email with the subject line "Eyewear Ready Notifications run results - VSP Secure."

  • Because the eyewear ready notification results report contains patient names, the report must be sent via secure email. To open the report, click the hyperlink in the email and enter a user ID and password.
  • The report email is sent from the address To allow proper delivery of the reports, make sure this address is not blocked by your email account(s).

The report lists the following information:

  • Eyewear ready notifications that could not be delivered

    Usually this is due to an incorrect or invalid phone number or a patient had replied STOP to a previous text message. You will need to manually follow up with these patients because they have not been notified that their eyewear is ready to pick up.

  • Eyewear ready notifications that have been delivered