Setting Up DYMO LabelWriter with Terminal Services

If you are using OfficeMate with Terminal Services, also known as Remote Desktop Services, you can still use your DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer even though your OfficeMate software is running on a remote computer. In order to use a DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer with Terminal Services, you must allow your local USB port to be available during a terminal server session and install the DYMO LabelWriter Software and DYMO printer driver on the remote computer.

  • The DYMO LabelWriter requires the DYMO software. Later versions are not supported. Click here to download the driver.
  • The instructions in this topic pertain only to the DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer. Eyefinity does not support the use of any other DYMO equipment.
  • You cannot use a DYMO printer in all Terminal Services or cloud computing environments. A DYMO printer cannot print a job sent from an outside network. For example, a DYMO printer will not print jobs sent through the web. However, if set up correctly, a DYMO printer can print jobs that are sent through a VPN or a local network.
  • DYMO does not directly support Windows Terminal Services.
  • For more information about DYMO printers, go to the DYMO website.
  • Depending on the policies of your network, local serial port mapping might be disabled for some or all remote connections.
  • You might see a security warning message asking if you want to connect your local disk drives, local ports, or smart card to the remote computer. To enable one or more of these connections, select the appropriate check boxes. If you choose not to enable these connections, a remote connection is still established, but these resources are not available to the remote computer.
  • You must install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 6 (or later) on the local computer in order to use Terminal Services. For more information about about Remote Desktop Connection, go to Microsoft’s website.

This topic describes the steps required to set up your DYMO LabelWriter 450 printer for use with Terminal Services, including how