Tracking and Reporting Quality Performance with ExamWRITER

The quality reporting portal powered by CQMsolution is a tool that helps you or your reporting group track your MIPS quality category progress. Using the quality reporting portal, you can run reports that track individual quality measures and export QRDA files that facilitate reporting your MIPS performance at the end of the year.

The quality reporting portal is included when you purchase the patient and provider portals from Eyefinity, which are required to satisfy MIPS Promoting Interoperability criteria. To purchase these modules, contact Eyefinity Sales at 800.269.3666 option 2.

  • Ensure that your systems meet the software requirements prior to setting up and using the patient, provider, and quality reporting portals. To view the latest system requirements, go to
  • Eyefinity recommends using Google Chrome to access the quality reporting portal.

This section includes the following information:

When tracking and reporting your MIPS performance, you must select the report or calculator that corresponds to your MIPS performance year. CMS modifies and revises the measure specifications each year, and Eyefinity creates a report or calculator based on the specifications for each performance year. Therefore, using a prior year's report or calculator to look at the current year's performance will result in incorrect and inconsistent reporting.