Release Notes

Latest AcuityLogic Cloud Release

AcuityLogic Cloud 8.17 will be released on June 22. This update will occur automatically with no action required from you. For information about release enhancements and fixed issues, see What's New in AcuityLogic 8.17 for Cloud Users.

Key Enhancements

  • Adding Provider Licenses for Multiple States: You can now add provider license numbers for multiple states and configure an optional default license number.

  • Adding Provider Taxonomy Numbers: You can now add provider taxonomy numbers to populate Box 33b on CMS 1500 forms and electronic claim submissions.

  • Material Allowance Insurance Schedule Method Update: The Material Allowance special option insurance schedule method has been updated to account for edging, tints, and miscellaneous eyeglass lens extras.

Key Fixed Issues


  • In the Billing Claims - GatewayEDI Transmission window, the search results no longer include claims for plans configured to use the Manual HCFA billing mode at the plan level in Admin.

  • When different diagnosis pointers are recorded for line items that must be billed per eye, the correct diagnosis pointer is now displayed for each eye on claims.


  • Invoices generated for patient orders no longer include a second blank page.

  • The information in the Color column now displays correctly on Patient Contact Lens Prescription Information documents.