Setting Up AcuityLogic for TriZetto

In AcuityLogic Admin, you can set up AcuityLogic to submit claims and receive remittances through TriZetto (formerly Gateway EDI).

  • Before you can use TriZetto with AcuityLogic, Eyefinity must set up the integration. If you are interested in integrating with TriZetto, contact Eyefinity Customer Care or your AcuityLogic account manager.
  • After you submit a claim to TriZetto, AcuityLogic changes the status of the claim to Billed in AcuityLogic Billing. See Billing Claims through TriZetto. To determine the actual status of the claim, log in to the TriZetto website. For information about accessing the website, contact your TriZetto representative.
  • If you are set up to receive remittances through TriZetto,you can process and post payments in AcuityLogic Billing. See Processing and Posting Remittance Payments (ERA).

This section explains how to set up AcuityLogic for TriZetto.

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