Pricing VSP Orders

To price VSP orders

  1. In AcuityLogic POS, open an order in the Order Pricing window by following one of the methods below:
    • Create an eyeglass or contact lens order and click Complete Order to Pricing.
    • On the Orders window, click Exam / Miscellaneous Order and create an order.
    • If an order is on hold, select Price from the Actions drop-down list on the Orders screen.
  2. Click Apply Primary Insurance.

    The Select Insurance window opens.

  3. Select the check boxes for the benefits you want to apply to the order. The products and services you select must match the products and services that the patient is authorized to receive.
  4. Click Calculate Benefits.

    The benefits are applied and are reflected in the pricing information.

    For more information on VSP benefit estimates, see Calculating Patient Fees and Doctor Reimbursements.
  5. Click Save.

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