Setting Up and Using the VSP Interface

This section explains how to activate and set up the VSP interface for AcuityLogic, obtain authorization and eligibility information, and submit lab orders and claims through the VSP interface. After you set up the VSP interface, all VSP insurance claims are sent electronically to Eyefinity, and all VSP lab orders are sent electronically to VSP labs.

With the VSP interface, AcuityLogic obtains authorization and eligibility information directly from Eyefinity so that you can quickly and accurately submit VSP claims without re-entering claim information into the Eyefinity website or filing paper claims. You cannot submit government or commercial claims (non-VSP claims) to Eyefinity through the VSP interface.

Most of the setup for the VSP interface (such as setting up VSP insurance plans and setting up VSP coverage codes) is completed before you receive your AcuityLogic system. Other VSP setup areas may overlap with your general AcuityLogic setup process (such as setting up doctors and labs).

When you are preparing for the VSP interface, use this information as a guideline to ensure that all necessary areas of your system are set up. For a quick overview of setting up the VSP interface, see the AcuityLogic VSP Setup Checklists.

Topics include the following:

All setup procedures in this section only call attention to the fields and options required for the VSP interface.

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