Setting Up a Patient’s VSP Insurance

To set up a patient's VSP insurance

  1. In AcuityLogic POS, open the patient's profile. See Opening Patient Profiles.
  2. Click the Insurance tab.
  3. Click the link of an existing VSP carrier and plan.


    Click New Insurance and add a VSP carrier and plan for the patient.

  4. From the Carrier drop-down list, select VSP (or another VSP carrier).
  5. From the Plan drop-down list, select a VSP plan.
  6. From the Relationship to subscriber drop-down list, select the appropriate relationship to the subscriber.
  7. In the SSN field, enter the subscriber’s SSN.


    If the subscriber’s VSP ID is alphanumeric, enter the last four numbers of the VSP ID in the SSN field. For example, if the subscriber’s VSP ID is 6851100A, enter 1000 as the last four numbers in the SSN field.

    Only the last four digits of the SSN or VSP ID need to be correct. For the first five digits, you can type all 9s or 0s.
  8. In the Subscriber/Insured ID field, enter the subscriber’s VSP ID.

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