Release Notes

Latest AcuityLogic On-PremisesRelease

AcuityLogic On-Premises 8.26 is available soon. Please work with your account manager to schedule a time for installation. For information about release enhancements and fixed issues, see What's New in AcuityLogic 8.26 for On-Premises Users.

Key Enhancements

• You now have the ability to copy your existing insurance plans from one carrier to another. When you copy the plan, the plan settings and fee schedules are also carried over.

• A new Role Access Option is available. Override Discount Threshold gives the user assigned the role the ability to override the discount threshold. When assigning the access option, select POS for the Module and the option is available in the drop-down list.

• You can now configure your system to charge a Grooved Rimless Frame fee.

Key Fixed Issues

  • We fixed an issue that was causing incorrect PQRS code handing for coordination of benefit claims where Medicare is the primary and the secondary carrier has PQRS codes set up. Previously, the PQRS codes would appear twice on the Medicare claim and not at all on the secondary carrier claim.

  • To prevent errors when trying to access claims, we've updated the claim form to require that the Other Insured Plan Name (Box 9d) be filled in when an Other Insured Carrier is selected.

  • When searching for a patient, slashes are not required when entering the date of birth.