Release Notes

Latest AcuityLogic On-Premises Release

AcuityLogic On-Premises 8.23 will be available starting August 16. Please work with your account manager to schedule a time for installation. For information about release enhancements and fixed issues, see What's New in AcuityLogic 8.23 for On-Premises Users.

Key Enhancements

  • New Filters Available for EDI Transmission – We expanded your capability to narrow the list of claims to send to your clearinghouse. You can now filter by Plan, Office, and State. These new filters and the Carrier filter are all multi-select.

  • A new security permission - Patient Order Void - is available. This permission enables the resource to void an order. The permission is automatically enabled for existing roles with the permission Patient Order Returns. Please review your roles and permissions to ensure they are applied as needed.

  • Mass Updates to Insurance Plan Schedules – We made it easier to select plan schedules on the Carrier Schedules screen, you can now select the checkbox at the top of the grid to select all schedules and then deselect any plans you do not want to update.

Key Fixed Issues

  • When using the Contact Lens Loader, if you select Inactive for the parent contact lens, the loader imports the parent lens as inactive and the child contact lenses as active.

  • You can now view the profile for an employee assigned a manager role but not assigned to an office.

  • When processing payments, you can now tab through the fields and press Enter (for the Search button) to initiate the search.