Applying Protocols

Once you've created protocols, you can begin applying them while in the Ocular Exam Room.

To apply a protocol

  1. Select a patient, open a visit, and click the Ocular Exam on the action bar.

    The Ocular Exam room opens.

  2. Click Protocols on the action bar.

    The Select Protocol screen opens. You can use the filters to narrow your search for a particular protocol.

  3. Select the check box for any protocol(s) you want to apply.
  4. Click Apply Protocols.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the diagnoses and plans that have been added to the exam.
  6. Continue documenting the exam.

    You can add, resume, or delete any diagnoses or plans. You are not locked into any documentation that was applied by the protocol(s).

For information on applying protocols using the iPad app, see Applying Protocols on the iPad.