Enabling ePrescribing for a Provider

ePrescribing is enabled on a per-provider basis. To enable a provider:

  1. Log in to Eyefinity EHR on the web as an administrator.
  2. Click the doctor’s user name in the practice accounts list.
  3. Click the ePrescribe tab.
  4. Click Request New SPI.
  5. To enable the user to create new medication prescriptions within Eyefinity EHR, select the New Rx check box.
  6. To enable the user to receive refill requests from pharmacies within Eyefinity EHR, select the Rx Refill check box.
  7. To enable the user to create medication prescriptions within Eyefinity EHR that require prior authorization , select the Electronic Prior Auth check box.
  8. To populate the Prescriber Detail fields with the user information that you already entered, select the Fill with Account Data check box.
  9. To populate the Location fields with the location address, select the user’s location from the Location drop-down menu.
  10. Enter the user’s email address.
  11. Click Register with Surescripts.

    The user’s ePrescribing registration is sent.

    If no errors are displayed, the provider can begin ePrescribing immediately.

    If you receive an error indicating the SPI is already used, continue to Transferring From Another ePrescribing Vendor.