Setting Up Exam Auto-Posting

If your practice has Eyefinity EHR integrated with Eyefinity Practice Management, you can enable Exam Auto-Posting to have pending Eyefinity EHR exams automatically added to orders. When you create a new eyeglass or contact lens order, or edit an existing non-invoiced order, and the patient has one or more pending Eyefinity EHR exams, the most recent Eyefinity EHR exam will be automatically added to the order when you click Continue to Pricing, if the order does not already include an exam. A message displays at the top of the Current Pricing screen, notifying you that the exam has been added. If the order cannot be added due to issues with the exam, such as missing information, a message displays with a link to open the exam for editing.

You can delete an Eyefinity EHR exam from an order when it has been added automatically, if you have the Delete Exam from Order security permission. The exam remains in the system and will be available to use on a different order.

Only exams imported from Eyefinity EHR after March 31, 2021 will be added to orders automatically. For exams imported prior to that date, we recommend you review the Patient Open Exams Report and create the exam orders manua
  1. In Company: Setup, click Preferences in the blue menu bar and select Material Orders.
  2. Click Invoicing.
  3. Under Exam Auto-Posting, select the Automatically add pending exams to order check box.
  4. Click Save.

Disabling Exam Auto-Posting

To stop Pending Eyefinity EHR exams from being automatically added to orders, follow the instructions above and deselect the Automatically add exams to order check box in step 3.