Generating the Not listed Insurance Plans Report

The Not Listed Insurance Plans Report lists orders invoiced during a selected date range that have Unknown Carrier selected as the insurance. When creating orders, staff can select Unknown Carrier and manually enter the insurance information when a carrier is not currently available in Eyefinity Practice Management. Claims for these orders need correction to add the carrier and plan names before they can be successfully submitted. Use this report to identify claims that need correction. The report includes the Order Date, Order ID (order number), and the patient's name.

  1. Click Claim Management and select Claim Management.
  2. Click Billing Reports.
  3. Click Not Listed Insurance Plans.
  4. Enter the Service Date range to print, or select dates from the calendar.
  5. Click Generate.

    The report opens in a new window.

    If the report does not open, check to make sure your browser is set to allow pop-up windows. For instructions, see Enabling Pop-ups
  6. To export the report, perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Export to PDF to open the report as a PDF file.
    • Click Export to Excel to open the report as an Excel spreadsheet.