Posting Internal Claim Transactions

An internal claim is a claim that was created in the Eyefinity Practice Management system and was billed through Claims Management. Unless you have recently moved from another billing system to Claims Management, all of your received payments will be for internal claims.

You can only process patient payments by posting internal claim transactions.

To post internal claim transactions:

  1. From Claims Management, click Process Payments and select Carrier Payments or Patient Payments.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Click + New Payment to record a new payment.

      For more information, go to Receiving New Payments.

    • To view or edit details for a payment you’ve already recorded in Claims Management, search for the payment, and click the Reference Number link.

      For more information, go to Searching for Payments.

      The Carrier Payments or Patient Payments screen opens, and the payment information appears in the top panel. The Outstanding amount is the dollar amount of the payment that has not yet been posted toward a claim.

  3. Click the +/- icon in the row of the claim.
    If the payment fully pays the claim, click Full. Eyefinity Practice Management applies the payment to the claim and the claim appears in the Payment Detail panel.
  4. The Claim Adjustments screen opens.

  5. To change the settings:
    1. Click the Settings icon () in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    2. Select the following check boxes in the Settings window, as needed:

      Select Pre-Populate Payment Amount to automatically update the amount field in the claim information screen.

      Select Auto Adjustment to enable automatic adjustments for line items. You can only perform one auto-adjustment per claim.

    3. Click Save to return to the Claim Adjustments screen.

      The settings are saved for the current user and can be changed later.

  6. Enter the total Payment Amount.
  7. Enter the Payment Amount for the line item.

    If you selected the Auto Adjustment check box in step 4, you can click the Automatically adjust line item icon to have the system make an automatic adjustment.

  8. Select an Adjustment Type for the line item and enter the amount for the adjustment. For more information about adjustment types, go to Understanding Adjustment Types.
    If you select Biller Review or Write-Off for the Adjustment Type, you cannot enter any additional adjustments.
  9. Enter a Comment, as necessary.
  10. Click + Add More to record additional adjustments.
  11. Repeat steps 6 through 8 for each additional adjustment, up to three total adjustments for the line item.
  12. Click Save.

    The claim appears in the Payment Detail panel.