Deleting Insurance Plans and Eligibilities

This topic includes:

Deleting Eligibilities

  • You cannot delete an eligibility that has been used on an order.
  1. In the Insurance screen, locate the plan and click the Eligibilities link.
  2. Locate the eligibility to delete, and click the Delete icon.

    For an explanation of the eligibility status icons, go to Viewing Patient Insurance Information.

Inactivating and Deleting Insurance Plans

To delete an insurance plan, locate the plan in the Insurance screen, and click the Delete icon.

An insurance plan can be deleted from the system only if the following conditions are met:

  • It has not been used on an order.
  • It does not have any associated eligibilities.

Delete the eligibilities first, and then delete the plan. For more information, go to Deleting Eligibilities.

If a plan has been used on an order, you can inactivate it. To mark the plan inactive, deselect Active.