Generating the Daily Transaction Payment Report

The Daily Transaction Payment Report lists the payments for your office by payment type for a selected date. Generate this report to see a breakdown of payments taken for the day. This report can be helpful in reconciling shortages and overages found during a daily closing.

  1. Click Reporting and select Standard Reports.
  2. Click Sales Reports.
  3. Click Daily Transaction Payment.
  4. Enter the date to print, or select a date from the calendar.
  5. Select one or more Office(s) to include on the report.
  6. Click Generate Report.

    The report opens in a new window.

    If the report does not open, check to make sure your browser is set to allow pop-up windows. For instructions, see Enabling Pop-ups
  7. To export the report, perform one of the following steps:
    • Click Export to PDF to open the report as a PDF file.
    • Click Export to Excel to open the report as an Excel spreadsheet.