Performing Daily Closing

You can perform daily closing only if your system administrator assigned you permission to do so. Daily Closing is available in Front Office and Claims Management only.

If your office has one or more previous days that have not been closed, a message displays at the top of the Daily Closing and Material Orders screens. When your office has multiple open days:

  • You cannot create new material orders.
  • You cannot post transactions for today's date.
  • The Actions drop-down list for invoiced orders in the Material Orders screen is disabled,

Close the open days to re-enable these functions.

  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click Store Operations and select Daily Closing.

    The Daily Closing window for the last open date opens. Totals for each payment type display, based on the totals posted for the day. The green State icon indicates that the date is open.

  2. Verify the Posting Date.

    • You cannot reopen or edit daily closing for dates that are not the current date.
  3. Record the Actual total amounts received for each payment type.

    Eyefinity Practice Management automatically calculates the Variance by subtracting the amount in the Actual column from the amount in the Calculated column.

    The amounts in the Calculated column are calculated from all payment transactions posted on the Posting Date, for the Payment Types indicated in the Payment Type column.
  4. Record an Explanation of Variance for each payment type, if necessary.
  5. To enter a payout to deduct an amount from the daily deposit, click + Payout and perform the following:
    Use payouts to deduct the cost of items such as postage, office supplies, repairs, a staff luncheon, etc. purchased with funds from the cash drawer on the posting date. When you enter a payout, you can type a note to explain the details of the purchase. Payouts are included at the bottom of the Daily Closing Report.
    1. Select the Payout Type. The Payout Types are pre-defined by the system and are not editable.
    2. Enter the Amount of the payout.
    3. Type an Explanation for the payout, if necessary.

    Repeat this step to add any additional payouts. If you need to delete a payout entry, click the Remove Payout icon in the Action column.

  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Confirm Daily Closing window, click Close.

    The day is closed and the Cash Reconciliation Report opens automatically for printing.

    After you click Close, all financials for the day are closed and cannot be edited. For information on reopening the day, go to Reopening the Current Day.