Printing Frame Labels

You can print labels for frames that are in your local database. To add a frame to your local database, use it on an order in Material Orders. For more information, go to Adding a Stand-Alone Frame to an Order.

  1. Click Inventory and select Product Inventory.
  2. Click the Labels tab.
  3. From the Select Item Type drop-down list, select Frames.
  4. Enter the manufacturer, collection, model, color, eye size and/or UPC for the frame you want to locate.

    Entering more frame information provides more precise results.

  5. Click Search.
  6. Select a frame from the list.

    If the frame has not already been priced for your practice, the Frame Price window opens. Record a Retail Price for the frame, and click Save.

    The frame is added to the list under Step 2: Print the Item(s).

  7. Record the Quantity of labels for each frame.
  8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for all frame labels you need to print.
  9. Click Print.
  10. If you are using Google Chrome, enter 92 for the Scale for best results.