Scanning Barcodes to Add Orders

You can scan the barcodes printed on your order summaries to add orders to the Invoiced Orders list. You can quickly scan multiple received orders and then change their order statuses. For instructions on how to set up a barcode scanner, go to see Setting Up Barcode Scanners.

  1. In Order Management, click the Barcode Scanning Mode button.

  2. Scan the barcode for each order you want to add to Order Management. The orders appear in the Invoiced Orders list as you scan them.

  3. When finished, click Exit Barcode Scan.

  4. Set the status of the orders by clicking Receive, Notify, and/or Deliver. All orders are selected by default, but you can deselect the check boxes next to orders you want to exclude. If the status of one or more orders could not be changed, a message appears above the list, indicating which order numbers were affected.