Huvitz Interface

ExamWRITER receives data from the Huvitz equipment and displays the data in the ExamWRITER chart window.

ExamWRITER does not send data to the Huvitz equipment.

The HRK7000 and HRK8000 Wavefront Autorefractor/Keratometer import only autorefraction and keratometry data into ExamWRITER, not wavefront data.

The Huvitz interface saves data in the patient exam. If ExamWRITER is installed on your computer, you can open the exam to view the data.

Network Connection Method

The Huvitz interface uses a serial RS-232 cable or a null modem to connect to the computer or Terminal Server. The Huvitz equipment interface can use multiple serial ports per workstation.

This section includes the following topics:

  • If you use the Huvitz DRS3100 in a wireless environment, you must hard-wire a computer in the exam room to the Huvitz equipment by connecting the Huvitz DRS3100 PC translation box to the serial port on the computer and sharing your export directory.
  • If you use more than one Huvitz DRS3100 in a wireless environment, the export directory on the network must be accessible from the tablet, PC, or laptop. For more information on selecting your export directory, see Setting Up HDR-Mate.
  • If you use multiple Huvitz pieces of Huvitz equipment in multiple exam rooms, see article 000007884 in the Eyefinity Support Community for instructions on how to set up your export directories.